We provide safe, efficient and speed transportation of the goods entrusted by our clients.

In order to fulfill this primary objective, we focus on the constant renewal of our fleet, equipped with different (modern) instruments to track goods and check the conditions of the vehicle, as well as on the professional development and training of our human assets.
Our logistics:
  • General Cargo;
  • Storage;
  • Large volume (Mega truck);
  • Door-Coils;
  • Indivisible;
  • Express;
  • A.D.R. (Chemical Packed).
  • Temperature controlled
  • Bi-refrigerator temperature (frozen and fresh)
  • Double deck
We carry out transportation in all countries of the European Community, mostly in:
  • Portugal;
  • Spain;
  • France;
  • Belgium;
  • Netherlands;
  • Germany;
  • Italy;
  • England.


Address: Rua do Pereiro - 1150, 3700-743 Milheirós de Poiares - Santa Maria da Feira
Pho.: +351 256 203 050
Fax: +351 256 866 234